Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yea!!! Home for a short little week

Well I am back for a short post...

I have had to go out of state for work and have been gone for 6 months to date, only coming home for a very short weekend.  Well we ran out of materials so I got to come home for the week and here is what I have been playing with:

I am working out in Las Vegas at the California state line and guess who came to town...

Yep!!! Barbara Lewis 

She came and taught at The 19th Annual Glass Craft & Bead Expo at the South Point Hotel Casino and Yep!!! it was amazing.   


  1. I really love these earrings! Nice work!

  2. Judy told me you were in Las Vegas at the glass show. Hope to see you at Art-is Petaluma this year.