Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eye Test

So, I was asked to make a pair of earrings with moons.  Yeeeea I have a couple of moons I will work up something.  Well the moons only had sparkle on one side, of course it was same side (hate that).  I dug out the sparkle and remembered of some very small (We're talking 2mm you know the ones you buy online when you first start buying things and don't read the size cause they look big in the picture.) red coral beads I have that would fit perfect.  Hammered small divots in check area of the moons and glued in corals, both sides :)  I measured out staggered lengths of pee-wee chain, hung size15 turquoise sead beads more coral on hand hammered paddles of 24g wire and wrapped.  I felt like I was making Barbie earrings eek!  What a test for my old hands and eyes let alone my perfection obsession... Cu-dos to you beaders

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Step-by Step Wire Jewelry Submission:

Many thanks to my personal editor Bit, what a pleasure he is to work with.
These are the earrings

I would like to give thanks to my assistant photographers Trey and Taylor (pictured above).  This would not have been possible without their keen since of mastery.

I thought my photo was a bit toothy but they are the masters...