Thursday, December 15, 2011


These pictures were taken the other day when it was snowing.
I have blogged before about the hummingbird feeder that is just a couple of feet from my kitchen window.  It is a frequent stop for a few hardy birds.  They will just sit there and watch me take pictures of them, which is often.  I just love how these shots show off the beautiful iridescent feathers on their heads.     
I just think they are so amazing. 

Then one little turn and it's all black.


  1. Theresa, what gorgeous photos!! They are so perfect, I can see them on a greeting card! I don't think I've seen birds like these in person - they are so memorable with those colorful faces. The black-face bird is really sweet as well.

  2. These birds are beautiful. Amazing that you were able to capture them in a photo as they don't seem to stay still for very long. Look forward to seeing you next month in class. Happy new year!